Objective 5.1

Determine the key indicators for the pilot’s validation and evaluation.

Objective 5.2

Building and testing of the 3D-Mgrid solution.

Objective 5.3

Substantial validation/implementation phase of the 3D-Mgrid solution with one micro-grid environment from Euro-Mediterranean region.

Objective 5.4

Substantial evaluation phase.

Objective 5.5

Measure, verify and report the total energy and CO2 reductions.

Objective 5.6

Scalability of the system through the simulation modules.

Objective 5.7

Capture the need for new or improved European and national policy frameworks, regulations and international standards in the energy field and formulate recommendations for activities to be undertaken.


T5.1 Pilot Definition, evaluation criteria and key performance indicators (Leader: MCAST Partners: UCY, SCAMRE)

The pilot definition and an evaluation framework will be developed to have a well-defined structure for the testing and evaluation in the beginning of the project which is agreed by all partners. The evaluation framework will include: survey of consumer behaviour; definition of appropriate metrics and guidelines for usability testing; refinement of the initially defined success criteria and measurement level.

T5.2 Pilot validation phase (Leader: MCAST Partners: ESDL, EN)

The pilot will be implemented according to the specification from Task 5.1. Implementation will be managed by MCAST on its campus. A simulator environment based on the models created in WP4 shall be refined to match the final pilot definition in order to test its scalability outside of the physical, real-world validation.

T5.3 Pilot Evaluation phase (Leader: MCAST Partners: AGU, GEOSYS)

During platform development, pilot evaluation will be carried out to detect possible deviations from the original plan and to provide feedback to the development team and to the Project Board for early corrective action. Evaluation will be completed against the framework defined in T5.1. It will demonstrate the benefit provided for the energy suppliers (DSOs), users and other involved stakeholders; it will demonstrate the success and future potential of the business value model.

T5.4 - Optimal benchmarking of load and generation models for future large scale deployments (Leader: MCAST Partners: EN, CERTH)

A final evaluation report on the user experience and the effect of the different business models for different stakeholders will be produced and widely published. The validation report will contain the following elements:
Evaluation of the results of the real-world pilot
Evaluation of the results of the scalability simulations
Evaluation of the results in the context of energy distributors and other stakeholders
Recommendations for implementation, including need for changes in national policy frameworks