Objective 2.1

This work package will aim at disseminating information to the science/research community, policymakers, and to a wide range of public (in order to increase awareness outreach) on the 3D-Mgrid project objectives, activities and outputs. It will also aim at building capacity and enhance mobility among partners towards developing stronger research communities in this important area of smart micro-grid. The feedback collected from the different audiences will input to other work-package activities.


T2.1 – Project communication material (Leader: UoS Partners: All)

Project Style Sheet: the implementation of the external dissemination tasks implies the development of the project visual identity (logo, poster design, document and presentation templates, etc.) at the very beginning of the project.

Project Fact Sheet: a project fact brochure will be produced, made available online and printed for dissemination. A revised version will be prepared at months 12, 24 and 36 in order to include substantial results. Posters will be printed as well and used at events.

3D-Mgrid Regional Collaboration Booklet: a booklet entitled “Long Term Regional Collaboration in Smart Micro Grids” will be produced at the end of the project based on the outcomes of project activities. The booklet will provide guidance and recommendations for long-term regional collaboration in Smart Micro Grids.

e-Newsletter: a concise e-Newsletter will be published on a semi-annual basis and circulated to key stakeholders in the field. The e-Newsletter will draw reader’s attention to new material published on the website, and will also publish highlights of the reports as well as general project news, event announcements, or invitations to participate in surveys.

T2.2 – Project website (Leader: UoS Partners: GJU)

The 3D-Mgrid project will establish a website aligned with the project’s specific objectives. This website will serve as the primary repository of the project information, including project public reports, inventories and analyses. The website will also announce forthcoming project opportunities, highlight relevant news items, report publication activity through the submission of scientific papers in specialized reviews and conferences, and links to other relevant services/initiatives. The web site will be set up by Month 4.

- Kick off meeting - Jordan
- IAB (Industrial Advisory Board) and MB (Managing Board) meeting - Turkey
- Workshop and GA (General Assembly) meeting - Spain
- IAB and MB meeting - Germany
- Workshop and GA meeting - Cyprus
- IAB and MB meeting - Algeria
- Main conference and GA meeting - Malta

The workshops (50 attendees expected) will possibly be synchronized with related events and conferences, and will include a primary focus on 3D-Mgrid activities in a wider scope. Plenary presentations and group discussions will privilege presentation and sharing of real experiences and best practices. The exchanges, internships, and student grants will support knowledge / technology sharing and building research communities. Finally, the comprehensive presentation of the project results can best be achieved through the organization of a final 3D-Mgrid conference.

Exchange visits, internships, and student grants will be presented and discussed in PMB meetings, addressing the strength and the ways to continue, adapt and/or improve the activities during the rest of the project.